Bass Drum Covers and Bags


Mushroom produces 3 different styles for Bass Drum protection. Shown is the Combo cover.


Tilting/ Ring Frame drop cover

Drop over cover for bass drums on an attached (sometimes called a tilting frame or ring/ suspended frame) Each cover has a 4” square opening at the point where the frame is attached to the drum which means the cover fits neatly over the frame. The opening is secured by a strip of ‘Velcro’ fastening. An extra 11 cm (4”) added to the drum’s diameter size as standard to protect the very lowest edge of the drum when in transit.

Combo Bass Drum Cover  (As seen in the photo above), exclusively for Tilting- frame style drums.   The cover is a combination of the all round protection offered by the  bag with the added flexibility of being used as a cover when the drum is mounted on the frame.

Innovative use of open zips (similar to ones found on clothing) and special openings make this the perfect bag for bass drums that have a detachable frame (e.g. Adams range).

Bass Drum Bag. For drums that have no frame (e.g marching drums) or go onto an 'X cradle'. It is fully padded and is completed with a tough zip and strong webbing handles.

If you have a custom size please also state shell depth e.g 29"x 15"