Nylon fabric

A tough water resistant black nylon is used in all of our standard covers (sorry, only black unless a bulk order is required)

Heavy duty PVC.
A wide range of colours is available for the PVC option at no extra charge. This may be suitable for all major touring applications or to use if instruments are used in a hiring capacity

Foam Padding
Either 9mm (standard) or a thinner 7mm foam is available of our covers. Our high -density foam is also availble for complete bags or covers. (Some exceptions may apply)
Can be used in any combination of nylon or PVC materials

High-density foam panels
A 10mm thick high-density foam panel can be added to the top of or the whole bag/ case:
• Timpani covers
• All tuned percussion covers
• Sides of bass drum covers
(This option may not be applicable to all covers due to certain specifications)


A soft drill lining (Charcoal grey coloured) is available where a polished surface needs to be protected. Applications might include wooden marimba frames or piano covers.

Covers can be personalised with anything you require e.g. name / orchestra name, logos, phone number, type of instrument, ‘place nothing on here’ etc.

The required information is printed onto the cover. On heavy duty applications the graphic is printed onto black fabric and stitched firmly on as part of the overall design.
A full option of colours is available.

For Timpani Head Protectors, signwriter’s vinyl lettering is used. Any colour, font, text style or logo is available to your choice.

A variety of features are available:
• Hand-holes in covers
• Extra porter access to covers

• 4 panelled timpani covers
• Lockability to covers
• Shorter/longer drop on timpani and tuned percussion covers
• Extra handles / no handles