Tourbags for Tuned Percussion


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Touring with large tuned percussion instruments can be a problem. Damage to instruments can be minimised by protecting each part with Mushroom Covers' Tour-bags for tuned percussion.

Tour-bags are designed to protect the individual parts of the instrument e.g. frame, resonators, note-bars,etc. when it is in transit or simply when in storage. Each set comprises of protection for the frame (folding or modular, resonators, end frames, leg/ height adjustment, and note bars.

We supply bags for all instruments from a 2.5 octave table-top xylophone right up to a full set of bags for a 5 8ve marimba.

Mushroom also offer bags for individual parts if the instrument e.g resonator bags/ note bar bags and wraps and frame parts bags. Please get in touch for details.

When choosing, it's essential to add the make and model number of your instrument as there are many variations within manufacturers. Without this information we will not be able to process your order.

Please note that the price is a guide only. Some instruments are more complex so additional costs may be involved. Please contact us via the form on the contacts page or simply email us here.