Timpani Head Protectors


Mushroom Covers 30th Anniversary Edition
Mushroom Covers timpani head protector (THP). A sturdy yet light 3mm thick disc which fully protects your heads in transit or during a rehearsal break. The new discs are made from an aluminium composite material onto which a 3mm layer of wool felt is glued. Two Velcro straps securely hold the disc onto the drum.

The new head protectors are available for all makes and size of drum, including any custom sizes / old baroque style timps. Please email us to order those. There is also a large range of colours available to suit almost any taste.

The most popular sizes and order codes are in the table. If you are in any doubt please call or email to confirm. You can add graphics or text to these discs too, for a real custom product. Please email your requirements for a  quote.

Please note Black THPs are normally in stock.


Timpani Make THP Product Code
All Adams, Bergerault, Ludwig, NEW (2020) Premier, Yamaha 20,23,26,29,32 MC THPA5720, MC THPA6523, MC THPA7326,MC THPA8129,MC THPA8832
Premier Academy, Series I, II and III, and Ludwig Universals 22.5,25,28,30,32 Ludwig Universal 26,29 MC THPA605225, MC THPA66625, MC THPA74428, MC THPA79530,MC THPA84532
Premier Elite only 22.5,25,28,30,32 MC THPAE65022, MC THPAE71625, MC THPAE79428,MC THPAE84530, MC THPAE89532