Timpani Covers

Standard Timpani Cover (STP)
The Standard Timpani cover is available for all types and sizes of ‘symphonic’ style timpani and each is specifically designed to fit a particular size and make of timpani.

Each cover is fully padded with 12.5mm (.5”) of foam and has a full drop of 69cm (27”) to protect the kettle and strutwork.

Hand access to the drum is facilitated through a ‘Velcro’-secured opening in the skirt of the cover.

This feature, allows the timpani to be wheeled more easily and also means the cover can be opened wide, to assist in putting the cover on the drum.

All Timpani covers are finished with 2 short webbing handles used to pull the cover off from the drum.

Each cover has an identifying size label.

Universal Timpani Bag (UVB)
The innovative design of the Universal Timpani Bag gives it a dual role; a secure ‘carry-bag’ for when the drum is in transit, and a fully protective cover when it is set up in the orchestra / band. The kettle-hugging shape fully protects the timpani in either mode.

The specially shaped panels, tailored to fit the bowl of the timpani, are combined with 2 side-release buckles to tighten the cover around the drum.
The Mushroom Universal Timpani Bag is suitable for all ‘retractable leg’ type timpani e.g. Adams, Yamaha 3000 series, Ajax and Majestic models.

Several options are available for customising your covers.

Shown here is a standard timpani cover detailing the optional high-density foam panel added to the top.

Timpani Head Protector (THP)
Extra protection for your timpani heads is available with our Timpani Head Protectors.

A beautifully hand-turned 9mm MDF (medium density fibreboard) disc, laquered in black and finished with a soft,red, felt backing is completed with two strong leather straps which secure the Head Protector to your drum.

As the Head Protectors are separate from the covers, they can be applied very quickly and easily, giving you the advantage of protecting your Timpani heads without putting on the full cover.

This is especially useful if you are away from your drums for a short period of time e.g. at a break in rehearsal.

Mushroom Timpani Head protectors are available for all makes and sizes of timpani.

Light Lids (LL)

New from mushroom, Light Lids are a lighter and more flexible type of Timpani Head Protector.

They are manufactured from a piece of high-density foam covered with nylon and a soft liner on the reverse to protect the timpani head.

Two webbing straps with 'Velcro' fastening complete the Light Lid.

LightLids are ideal for schools or those seeking an alternative to our regular THPs.

Available for all makes and size of timpani

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