Covers for General Percussion
Mushroom Covers produce bags for a whole range of smaller percussion. There is a vast number of different percussion instruments available, but as a guide we produce bags for instruments pictured on this page.
Our Bespoke covers offer the option of designing a cover for an instrument you do not see featured here.

Tam tam (TT)

Tam-tams (Gongs) of all sizes to your order

Mark Tree Bags (MTB)

Any size or make to your order

(Blue material is for demonstration purposes only)

Tambourine Bags (TMB,TMBD,TMBQ)

Single to hold 1 tambourine

Double to hold 2 tambourines

Quadruple to hold 4 tambourines

Our standard size is for 10” (25cm) tambourines, but we are also able to make one-offs for any diameter of tambourine (e.g. 12” or 14”)

Hardware bags (HWB)

Our standard size is 32”(L) x 10”(W) x10”(H) (82 x 25 x 25 cm).

Each bag has a base reinforced with a light, but strong polypropylene panel.

Other sizes can be made to your order.

Orchestral Snare and Tenor Drums

Tabours,piccolo snare drums, marching drums etc.

Any size made to your order.

Covers for 'de Mowbray Tour-Timps'

Bags for drum shells and stands-all sizes

Latin American Percussion

Bongo and conga bags to your order.

(Grey material is for demonstration purposes only)

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