The Universal Timpani Bag

Using the Universal Timpani bag as a 'carry-bag'.

The Universal Timpani bag has two functions.

• a cover for the drum when set up

• a secure 'carry-bag' for when the drum is in transit.

The long strap on the cover plays a key part of the UVB's second role.

The drum should not be lifted solely by this strap as it is not designed to take the weight of the drum by itself.

The following pictures act as a guide for using the Universal Timpani Bag as a 'carry-bag'.

1) Preparation

• Cover is on and clips are pulled tight.

• Long handle pulled up and across head.

(This also works if the legs are extended.)

2) Tilting the drum

• Drum is tilted with right hand holding counterhoop.

• Drum turned onto its side

3) Lifting

• Lift drum pulling on long strap and holding drum leg nearest to you.

• Pull drum up and towards body.

Always seek help if you feel unable to do this.

4) Carrying

• Carry the drum leaning backwards slightly to counterbalance the weight.

• Go through single doorways easily.

5) Loading

• Place drum into car /van

• Ensure it is secure for journey– use straps or ties.

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